Kids always leave with a smile on their face and their curiosity broadened after a visit to OH WOW! Science and Technology Center in Downtown Youngstown.

Supporters of the educational center gathered at The Deyor on Friday evening to celebrate its legacy and the impact it has on the Valley's youth. Funds raised allow the center to further expand even new exhibits inside, keeping kids' minds growing after every experience.

"With growth comes demand for fundraising and we're very fortunate to have sponsors tonight so we can get our message out and support all of our programs and the kids in the community that it impacts," said Melissa Maiorano, Event Chair with OH WOW!

The 2nd Annual InSciTe Gala raises funds to supplement outreach and stem enrichment programs.

"We are so thrilled to be raising funds for our programs that we do both in schools and out of schools at OH WOW! to educate kids on the OH and PA and next generation learning standards in STEM, science, and math," said Elainie Huncik, Program Coordinator of Outreach with OH WOW!

The funds also help expand the innovation wing, opening this April.

"That innovation wing will include a mixed reality classroom, a 3-D printing and advanced manufacturing micro-learning lab, robotics, and microelectronics, digital collaboration lan or coding, app development, web design," explained Marvin Logan, Executive Director with OH WOW!

The expansion also involves adding a sustainability park on the roof of the building. 

"The A-I and robotics labs that are going on the next level floor at OH WOW! are so important in training our emerging workforce and keeping our community up to speed for the emerging technology that is to come," Maiorano added. "And make it fun and colorful like OH WOW's mission aims to do."

The Annual InSciTe Gala is also a way to thank all of the supporters of the Science and Technology Center, to continue providing educational skills to kids around the area.

"We love the crowd that we get it's continuing to grow year after year so we look forward to seeing this event continuing to grow," Logan added. OH WOW! opened in 2011.

The Mahoning County Commissioners were honored at this year's gala for their dedication to the center. 

Visit OH WOW's website to learn more about the programs they offer and ways you can donate.