About 170 residents who enjoy watching July 4th fireworks downtown Youngstown will miss that tradition this year like they miss being home at International Towers.
They are upset with the short notice given to get out by June 13th.
The tenants from International Towers were evacuated on the day of the explosion at the Realty Building on May 28, 2024, but were allowed to go back home on the same day.
It was determined the damaged building could be at risk of collapsing.
"Ugh. I hate it. Being uprooted from our home in only 72 hours, only enough to pack for that much. ... Terrible.," Brandie Spangler said
They are grateful for the United Way, Beatitude House, Catholic Charities American Red Cross, and other agencies or businesses that stepped up providing money and plans to house and help feed them. 
But they're not happy.
"I just want to be home. That's the normal area we are used to being in. Like we're used to the downtown area a little more. We like being there. It's closer, convenient, everything is right there in one place," Stephanie Spangler said. 
They also miss the sense of community, where everyone knows one another. 
"We all want to be like together. We're all used to being in one place and being able to hang out with each other," Stephanie Spangler added. 
"No place like home. I love downtown," said Brandie Spangler.
United Way tells us the cost of housing them for one month through July 15th will be $150,000.
The agency is looking at all sources of funding to help keep a roof over their heads until it's safe and they get their wish to go home.
People we talk with say they want the city to communicate more effectively and let them know the timeframe for the demolition of the building, and how soon
they will be allowed to move back home.