Have you taken a picture or shot video of a rainbow, a snowscape or a sunset? Take a weather related picture or shoot some weather related video and send it to 21 News Now on wfmj.com!  We are looking for your weather related digital pictures or video clips. We may use them on 21 News or here on wfmj.com.

E-mail us the images, a short description of the picture or video, and send us your name, city, state, telephone number and e-mail.  There are no guarantees that we will use everything you send, but we will promise to take a look at all of it.

By sending us photos or video, you are consenting to the use of your images and your name.  Also, you must be the owner of all videos and photos.   If you are using your cell phone to send photos or video, you may want to check with your cell phone provider to make sure there isn't a fee to do this.

Formats for video should be WMV files no larger than 2MB. Photos should be JPG or GIF files no larger than 500k.

You can send your weather related photos and videos to [email protected].  Make your you put Weather Photo or Weather Video in the subject line.