NESHANNOCK, Pennsylvania - The high energy, the smiles and the enthusiasm are all welcomed changes at Neshannock High School.

"Before Miss. Arena came, there wasn't much motivation in gym class, but now it's a lot more fun," said student Christian Na.

Step by step, students like Na began finding a new appreciation for physical education thanks in part to Kasey Arena, who came to the school to complete her student teaching.

"I am more passionate about fitness and health," Arena said. "I am all for sports skills, but I think fitness you can do for your whole life and I really wanted to show them."

Arena shows the students through group fitness classes like yoga and Zumba.

"I was always excited to come because it was a lot of fun to learn the dances and just know that you are exercising while you're dancing at the same time," said student Courtney Proctor.

"From an experienced teacher's viewpoint it was refreshing to see it," said physical education teacher Dave Bowen. "It just took off. The kids love it. They enjoy coming to class. They've been staying 9th period for extra Zumba time. We have everything you would want in a phys. ed program right now."

Bowen hopes to incorporate Zumba into the curriculum again next year because it's such a hit with students.