YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Youngstown police are investigating a "pig napping" after a vehicle was stolen from the city's south side with a pot-bellied pig inside.

According to police records, authorities recovered the stolen vehicle from West Myrtle Avenue after it had been wrecked and abandoned.

In the back seat of the Nissan Cube was Penelope the pig, who weighs in at nearly 300 pounds.

Crews towed the vehicle with Penelope inside. They left her in the vehicle until her owner could be reached.

"I opened the door and when I looked in the back I was shocked. It is big," explained John Weslolwski with Schultz Automotive and Towing.

"This isn't something we see every day," said Chuck Sayer with the Mahoning County Humane Society. "Usually dogs, cats, domestic animals, usually not a pot belly pig that weighs 300 pounds."

Thankfully, the pig's owner was quick to come to the rescue explaining the pet pig was being kept temporarily in the vehicle after their Pennsylvania home caught fire and they were staying with friends.

"She is a little weirded out right now," said owner Wendy Thrasher. "I'm sure she's weirded out. Whoever stole the car, I'm wondering if that's why they wrecked it."

At this time there has been no word on any possible suspects.