A boost in hours for a Trumbull County police department, is partly aimed to help patrols keep a closer eye on properties targeted by thieves. 

Fowler Township, is adding 100 additional hours to it's part-time force this summer. 

Farmers living along Route 193, say they've been hit by burglars during the past three weeks.

Barn break-ins and full-size tractor thefts, are just some of the incidents reported.

The Trumbull County Sheriff's office is doing what it can with limited patrols, and believes the local departments need the extra support.
"If they could put more officers out on the road in the afternoon and night turn, maybe we could get lucky, more visibility on the road," Major Thomas Stewart says, with the Trumbull County Sheriff's office. "Citizens would be safer and we might get lucky and catch these guys."

Major Stewart says the majority of these crimes, are taking place overnight and early in the morning.