A group of Youngstown State University students have created Drund.

It's a private communication platform or social networking site that has been developed over the last five years.

The social media platform saw initial success with K thru 12 education in school districts like Austintown, Boardman and Struthers.

Adam Magama is the product leader for Drund, "So that has gone really well and we have been lucky enough to work with the school and they've helped us sort of mature our product into what it is now, and help us continue to mature it."

Drund now has several national accounts, will be featured in Forbes magazine and is working with YSU's Athletic Department helping them streamline internal communications.

They say their app can improve efficiency through communication. Meaning, for example, when the YSU Penguins are on the road they can keep up to date with their mobile device."It gives them a lot more control then you would see on Facebook or Twitter. They can feel much more comfortable sharing things about students, internally about any events that they might be holding and it also allows them to know exactly who is monitoring, who can actually see everything that's in the community," Magama said.

It can also help facilitate fund raising for the YSU Penguins and put parents and students in touch with others from across the world.

Trevor Parks is YSU's Sports Information Director, "Our students athletes come from a variety of areas across the globe and this is kind of a neat way -- some way for the parents overseas to get to know the parents of some of the kids here."

Drund -- a new way to share thoughts, ideas and information.