The former football player turned reputed gang leader that Liberty Football Coach Kevin Cylar stood up for in Mahoning County Court, is speaking out exclusively to 21 News.

Dressed in his orange prison attire, with a glass partition and Mahoning County Deputies between us Darrell Mason said, "Please give Coach Cylar a chance again. He deserves it. My wrongs ain't his wrongs."

Convicted felon Darrell Mason says his former football Coach Kevin Cylar was just trying to do the right thing and show him support at his sentencing on Tuesday when he spoke on his behalf. Mason never dreamed it could be a factor in Cylar being asked to resign as coach at Liberty. Approximately 70 students staged a walkout in support of the coach to show their support.

"It made feel like life ain't fair. Because he's a good person -- like he don't deserve that, he's all about the kids. Anything. Anyway he can help the kids he's willing to do it, so it made me feel like how can people say they're willing to give us a fair chance when he was just trying to help me have a fair chance," Mason said.

Mason denies being the leader of the Vic Boyz street gang in Youngstown, but his conviction includes trafficking in drugs and weapons charges. Crimes that will send him to prison for 10 years. He just wants to thank his former coach for not abandoning him like so many others did.

"He was just being the man that he is. A caring and loving and honest man. He was just trying to help my situation," Mason said.