Youngstown police are investigating the Sunday morning shooting death at an East Side bar.

Detectives tell 21 News that just after 2 a.m., 21-year-old Ezequiel Rivera was shot several times at the Mi Raza bar on Oak Street.

Witnesses told police that Rivera had gotten into a fight at the bar and was asked to leave. He returned about five minutes later with a shot gun. Detectives believe, Rivera thought the person he had been fighting was still at the bar.

According to detectives, employees told Rivera several times to put the gun down. Rivera fired one round through the ceiling. Detectives say, an employee with a concealed carry permit then fired several rounds. Rivera was hit in the chest. Detectives aren't sure how many times he was struck. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Detectives say, Rivera's brother-in-law was also shot. They believe he became caught in the cross fire when he tried to stop Rivera from going back into the bar. Detectives say Rivera's brother-in-law was outside the bar but, a bullet went through the window. They say, he is in stable condition.

Police are reviewing surveillance video and will talk with the prosecutor to determine if any charges will be filed.