Most people travel to Grove City for the outlets but soon people may also go their for the giraffes and rhinos.

A new 143-acre safari park is being planned in Liberty Township, Mercer County.

Living Treasures in New Castle has all kinds of animals that you can see and get up close and personal with, everything from monkeys to lions.

But the owner of that park wants to build a whole new park near Grove City. He already has purchased property off Route 258 near the outlets.  It would be an open-air safari park that visitors would ride through.

Living Treasures owner, Adam Guiher, says "People will be able to visit a North American attraction that will have North American animals. There will be a South American exhibit, African and then Eurasian which will be animals from both Europe and Asia. Those are mostly hoofed animals or flightless birds, animals that can be out in open areas safely and co-habitate with each other."

Guiher says he would like to have future exhibits that feature some carnivores.
People who live near the proposed safari park say they do have concerns.

"We're going to have a lot more traffic and a lot more people. We're just not ready for it," says Linda Churchill.
Gloria Bowser says, "In his process of making his dollars, he's making others in the neighborhood that were happy living in an area the way it was for their whole lives to be changed."

Township officials say the owner is getting the permits needed to build the park but he's not getting everything he originally wanted.
"They wanted lodges in there and it's not in our zoning for that area so we didn't approve that but they appealed that to the judge in Mercer County," says Liberty Township Supervisor, Ron Faull.

The new safari park is expected to open in the late fall of 2016.