Ohio drivers will be able to purchase E-ZPass devices at local grocery stores beginning this week.

According to the Ohio Turnpike Commission, Giant Eagle will be the first non-turnpike retailer to sell E-ZPass transponders to customers.

The Commission says the decision was made to allow easier access to E-ZPass. 

The devices, which cost $12 each, will be sold at 90 Northern Ohio stores spread over 13 counties.  Customers will need a credit card and a minimum balance of $25 per transponder in order to be able to open an account.

E-ZPass is, according to the Turnpike Commission, an electronic toll collection system that allows customers to enter and exit the turnpike without stopping to receive a ticket or to pay the toll.  45.5% of Turnpike customers use E-ZPass.

The electronic system also saves drivers money by waiving certain fees.  Ohio Turnpike Executive Director Randy Cole says that, “the average savings on tolls is 33%, and customers can save up to 50% on a single trip.”

E-ZPass was first implemented in Ohio almost six years ago.  In that time, the Turnpike Commissions says it has saved its users more than $235 million.

E-ZPass systems are used by 26 tolling authorities in 15 states.