It's a trip down memory lane for many baby boomers -bright and shiny Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets made by Mullins in Warren.

"When I saw it on Facebook it reminded me of my first house with my parents like my first memories are definitely around those cabinets," said Christian Rinehart, a Warren native who owns Suzie's Dogs and Drafts and O'Donold's.

Rinehart saw the pictures of an original 1948 kitchen set still in the boxes on, a blog by Pam Kueber, and knew he had to try to bring it home from Northern California.

"It's kind of really neat that they started a remodel and just ended up not doing it so they kept all the cabinets in the garage. So when Ben bought the house he found  them," said Rinehart.

The hidden gem inspired Rinehart and another Mahoning Valley native, Angela Chasebi, to start a Go Fund Me account to try to buy and ship the set back here but time is of the essence because the seller already has 1600 emails.

"We we would like to be able to get some more traffic to the Go Fund Me page so we'd be able to get to our goal which is $14,000," said Chasebi.

The Mahoning Valley Historical Society is interested in the kitchen set but they don't have the money to buy it and they currently don't have the space to permanently display it. They're still interested in the next steps and Rinehart says he'd even find a way to display it. 

"I think it's kind of cool to remember the heritage that has come from here and how successful this town has been and how it's on the upswing again," he said.