Youngstown residents can now lawfully own pit bull terriers inside city limits.

Since 2007, it was prohibited to own the breed of dog in Youngstown. They were considered vicious dogs, but on Wednesday, city council repealed the ordinance.

Outside the courthouse, animal rights advocates celebrated the move.

One of the animal rights advocates, Jason Cooke said, “I don't believe discrimination should exist in our society in any way

“Dog specific ordinances don't work,” says city council member, John Swierz. “Today, it could be a pit bull, 40 years ago it was a doberman pinscher. It all depends on how the owner treats the dog, as to whether it's vicious or not.”

City council also approved a legislation that will raise residential sanitation fees to fund demolition and debris removal. In order to help offset that cost, residents will see a decrease in monthly water bills.