The Mahoning county coroner has ruled the death of a three-day old Youngstown infant that was bitten by a family dog was an accident.

The medical examiner confirmed that the child's death was a result of the dog bite, but also says those who have made threats against the young mother should be embarrassed.  
The news that no charges should be filed in connection with the death of her infant son Aiden, is a great relief for 21-year old Kristy Grim. 

"I hope that things at least get better now and people stop sending threats and everything to me," said Grim.
The infant was sleeping in a basket next to the mother early Sunday morning when for some unknown reason the dog picked up the child up by the head.

"At three days old the child's skull is very fragile and the dogs jaw was able to penetrate the skull, causing injuries to the brain and ultimately the death," said Dr. Joseph Ohr, a forensic pathologist with the coroners office.

The examiner says it was not an attack or a mauling but a tragic accident.  Dr. Ohr says there is no reason for all of the hateful threats against the mother on social media.

"It's easy to say well you should have, you could have, you would have. What I would say to those people is that is shameful and embarrassing," Ohr said.

The dog is owned by Grim's brother, who says the dog, named Toby, was never aggressive and if anything is over-friendly.
"He loves people, he always loves getting attention from people, always wants people to pet him, he's just a happy dog," his owner said. 

The dog will remain in a mandatory ten day quarantine. The Dog Warden says the dog has displayed no aggression and it's possible return remains uncertain and still under discussion.

Youngstown detectives say that after presenting the facts in the case and the coroners report to the prosecutor a decision was made that no charges should be filed.