A Warren man whose life was cut short in a shooting is laid to rest in Cleveland.

The suspect is his teenage daughter.

Lena Cooper is the sister of 41-year-old murder victim Jonathan Meadows. "My brother was a good man. He loved his family. He loved his children. He loved his wife."

It's a story that is tragic on so many levels.

The attorney for 14-year-old Bresha Meadows said, "The evidence we have in her defense is very compelling."

An aunt of the teenager says there are even medical records coming to light that document the alleged domestic abuse.

But the murdered man's family says the child is no hero, she's a murder.

Emotions surrounding Meadows' murder have reached a boiling point, pitting one side of the family against the other.

During the early morning hours of July 28th, police say Meadows’ 14-year-old daughter grabbed his gun and shot him to death.

Bresha Meadows is now facing aggravated murder charges. She entered a plea of "not true" in juvenile court; the equivalent of not guilty. She remains in custody.

Her mother has called her a "hero," saying the child saved the family after years of alleged domestic violence.

But the murdered man's family says, where's the proof?  They argue the 14-year-old is an unruly child.

"She had ran away from home because she was doing things that a 14-year-old should not be doing. So she's not a hero, she's a murderer. She killed my brother. This was cold, calculated. He was killed in his sleep, and the family is doing everything they can to discredit my brother. And it's not fair," Cooper said.

The murdered man's family admits there was one domestic incident back in 2011, but those charges were dropped according to Trumbull County Court records.

Brandi Meadows, the mother of the 14-year-old, also had a civil protection order against her husband at one point, but the couple got back together.

James Blount is the brother of the murdered man. "Eventually she just showed back up. She was gone and I feel like if you felt like your kids was in that much danger why would you come back."

Bresha Meadows aunt, Sheri Latessa of Cleveland, tells 21 News her niece is a good girl, but she doesn't want to speak further about what's going on without consulting an attorney.

Martina Latessa is also the suspect's aunt and tells 21 News she is a Cleveland Police Officer assigned to the domestic violence unit. She says it's not unusual for domestic violence victims to protect their abuser by not calling or reporting what happened to police.

Latessa says there are now medical records surfacing about broken bones her sister Brandi Meadows suffered over the years as a result of alleged domestic abuse. She says the injuries include broken ribs and a broken tailbone.

The gun used in the shooting is something that Latessa says her sister, her 14-year-old niece and one of her nephews were threatened with. "My sister told me that Jonathan said I will kill these kids Brandi, then I will kill you."

As for Jonathan Meadows' family.  "All of this about him being abusive mentally, physically, sexually -- none of that came to light until this child was not going to be released from custody. And all of it is just to raise money and get sympathy for them," Cooper said.

But 14-year-old Bresha Meadows has people who believe in her, including her aunt Martina Latessa, who said, "Bresha told me my dad is going to kill us and mommy."