A 25-year-old Canfield man is free on bond after allegedly placing various anti-Semitic and offensive graffiti at various locations at Mill Creek Park.

Scott Spencer was booked into the Mahoning County jail on Thursday, facing charges of ethnic intimidation and criminal mischief that were filed in Boardman Court. Ethnic intimidation is a felony under Ohio law.

According to Lorilyn Shandor, park Director of Development & Community Engagement, park police have been investigating reports of the graffiti since September 15.

The graffiti was discovered in several locations, including the East Cohasset, Lanterman's Mill, and Boat Dock areas, according to Shandor.

A park visitor witnessed the graffiti being written and called police.

The graffiti, written in chalk, included messages like, "Hitler was right", "Jews highjacked (sp) America", and “Jews are behind the race mixing agenda."

Shandor says all of the graffiti has been washed off by park personnel. 

A court hearing for Spencer is scheduled for Tuesday.