In this day and age, it seems kids schedules are always full.

"They are going from sport to sport or different extra curricular activities and there is a lot more opportunities for stress these days because kids' schedules are so jam packed,"

While there is no pause button in life, studies show time spent practicing yoga can make a big difference in the life a child.

"When kids are practicing, even just 15 minutes a day of some yoga, they test better, they get along better with their peers, they get along better with their teachers," said Jackie Stewart the owner of Twisted Yoga & Barre Studio.

Stewart first began offering yoga classes to children when people kept calling her asking if she would offer them.  Since then, it's expanded to include both elementary and teen classes.  Teen instructor Paula Jean Frontino began her practice four years ago.

"It sounds so cliche, but overall happiness and just being content with yourself and really being able to handle situations so much more calmly, with so much ease.  I can't even explain all of the great things it has done for me," said Frontino.

Kids classes operate a bit differently than adult classes.  However, the children are still learning the same movements and poses as adults.

"You can kind of have fun with it, you know, tree pose, just relating it to what they can related to.  So, animal poses, just things that they know.  It makes it fun," said Stewart.