Mercer County's top prosecutor is under investigation by the state Attorney General and Pennsylvania State Police.

Earlier this week, Mercer County Judge Thomas Dobson sat down with 26 defense attorneys to brief them on the investigation centered around District Attorney Miles Karson.

According to a court transcript, the judge said there are "two points that may or may not be interrelated."


One has to do with an investigation by the "Attorney General's Office for Criminal Conduct" that ranges from "obstruction of justice to violations of the Controlled Substance Act." The judge said, "it would appear that the State Police are now involved in that investigation."

Judge Dobson said the second incident occurred when the Sharon Police responded to a call "involving a woman in her underwear in the streets spewing profanities regarding Mr. Karson." Police "checked the woman over to make sure she was okay. She was."

The judge went on to say, "Mr. Karson was there and said everything is under control. No charges were filed."

"We're a little bit concerned that allegations of this nature have been disseminated to the public, in particularly in light of the position of people involved without, we think, a thorough investigation being made," said Attorney for Karson, Alexander Lindsay Jr.

Attorney Lindsay says the investigation could be lengthy.

No formal charges have been filed against Karson. Karson is still actively serving as the District Attorney. 

We reached out to our 21 News Legal Analyst Matthew Mangino to find out how this could effect Karson's position as an elected official.

"We live in a nation where you are innocent until proven guilty, we don't want to jump to any conclusions," said Mangino.

Mangino adds that it's difficult in the state to remove an elected official.  To do so, he says it would require steps similar to that of impeachment.

He referenced the case of now former Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

"We had in Pennsylvania an attorney general who lost her law license, Kathleen Cane, who continued in office as the state top prosecutor with out a law license," said Mangino. 

A transcript of the meeting between Judge Thomas Dobson and attorneys may be read below