Beaver Township Police and the owner of a local business are on the lookout for a family of the mythical creatures, Bigfoot.

They're not alive, but statues made out of painted concrete.

According to the owner of Farmer Dave's Gift Shop, Arlene Fitzer, someone stole the three pieces of statuary from the front of her Market Street business.

Fitzer says two of the statues weighing as much as 225 pounds were mounted on pedestals.

Not only can't  she imagine how someone could have lifted them, she also believes they would be pretty difficult to hide.

They were stolen sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

She places a value of the 42-inch tall Bigfoot at $150; the 27-inch statue at $100, and the “baby” Bigfoot would sell for $55.

What Fitzer really doesn't understand is why someone would steal the work she hand painted herself.

Fitzer is a widow and says losing the statues is equivalent to losing the money she could use to buy glasses for her son.

While Fitzer is reviewing surveillance video, she has reported the loss to police.

She asks anyone with information to call Beaver Township Police at 330-549-5338.