A Salem man convicted in a road rage case involving a bicyclist says he intends to file an appeal after a judge sentenced him to two years in prison and suspended his driver's license for five years.

Stephen Bauman, 71, was sentenced Thursday in Columbiana County court after an earlier conviction on charges of felonious assault and failure to stop after an accident.

Assistant Chief Columbiana County Prosecutor John Gamble says Judge Scott Washam's sentence was motivated by Bauman's apparent intention to purposely assault the bicyclist.

Judge Washam noted earlier that Bauman screamed obscenities as he drove his truck within inches of a bicyclist he was passing on North Ellsworth Avenue in 2015.

The bicyclist and witnesses say Bauman veered into the bike's path and suddenly stopped, resulting in the bicycle slamming into the back of the truck, catapulting the bicyclist over the back of the truck.

Although the bike rider was injured, witnesses say Bauman drove away from the scene.

Since Bauman said he intends to file an appeal, Judge Washam gave him thirty days before he is to report to prison.

A new law is now in effect in Ohio requiring drivers to give at least three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist on the roadway.