A Warren woman is in jail, accused of purposely backing her car over another woman and crashing into a fire hydrant while her baby was in the back seat.

As it turns out, the woman who was run over has been listed as a missing person since early May.

Police arrested 19-year-old Bianca Nasidka on charges of felonious assault and child endangering Tuesday night after they found a 24-year-old woman on the ground and bleeding from the leg at the Park Plaza apartments on Parkman Road.

Witnesses told police that they heard Nasidka and the woman screaming at each other outside the apartments.

They say Nasidka got into the car, threw it into reverse, and backed it over the woman, dragging her underneath for several feet until the car crashed into a fire hydrant.

The witnesses say Nasidka tried to drive away, but the car was too badly damaged, so instead took her eight-month-old son out of the back seat, who witnesses say had not been secured with a child seat or seat belt.

Police say they could not interview the victim because she was screaming in pain. But police identified her as Elaine Shumate of Zanesville, who was reported missing by her family since May 3.

Detectives close to the case say they heard she was possibly staying various places throughout the city, but Tuesday's incident officially confirmed her whereabouts.

Shumate was treated on the scene by EMT's for possible broken bones, according to the report.

They also checked out the baby boy to make sure he wasn't hurt.

When police arrested Nasidka, they say she told them that she had befriended Shumate, who had told her she was trying to escape an "unhealthy relationship" in Zanesville.

Nasidka says she had driven the victim to the apartments as a favor and began arguing after discovering Shumate “sneaking things into her bag”.

Police say Nasidka admitted putting the car into reverse but thought Sumate would move out of the way.

Nasidka was booked into the Trumbull County Jail where she was arraigned by way of video Wednesday morning.

She pleaded not guilty to the child endangering charge, and the court entered a not guilty plea for her on the charge of assault.

Nasidka remains jailed without bond because she was in Warren Municipal Court just last week in another assault case.

21 News reached out to Shumate's mother in Zanesville, who originally met with police to file a missing person's report.

Tonya Alexander says Shumate is now staying with her and is recovering from her injuries. She says Shumate's leg is not broken but is badly injured.

She says her daughter is 23 days clean from heroin and says her daughter went up to the Cleveland area to seek treatment for her addiction.

She believes Shumate may have gone off the path from seeking help when she lost contact with her daughter. 

Alexander thanks police for their hard work in her missing person's case.