Pennsylvania State Police say they have charged three people with homicide in connection with the shooting death of a 19-year-old man early Thursday following what authorities describe as a crime spree in Mercer County.

Investigators say, Zackary Cutshall, of Fredonia, died after being shot in the neck at around 1 am along Delaware Road in Fairview Township.

The shooting followed what State Police Crime Section Commander Eric Hermick says was a robbery setup involving the victim and three other men.

Commander Hermick told 21 News that he believes one of the three suspects fired the fatal shot.

Police have identified the suspects as Seth Hamilton,18, Jacob Barger, 20, and Dominic Heasley, 23, all of Greenville.

All three have been charged with criminal homicide, “If you are in the commission of a felony and someone dies as a result of that crime or during that crime, that constitutes a homicide in Pennsylvania.” said Hermick.

One of the suspects was also grazed by a bullet but was not seriously injured.

After the shooting, the car was driven by one of the suspects to the parking lot of a commercial building at the corner of North Perry Highway and Delaware Road.

The rear window of the car had been shattered.

The three suspects are in the Mercer County Jail.