The upcoming snowstorm has many drivers preparing themselves for traveling in unsavory conditions.

But what do you do if you veer off of the road and your car gets stuck?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has some tips on staying safe when you get stranded in your vehicle. 

Before getting in your car, make sure you place a blanket, a shovel and road salt or sand in your trunk. 

If your vehicle gets stuck and you need to dig yourself out, the shovel and salt or sand will be helpful. 

If you're waiting for a roadside service like AAA to come help you, the blanket will come in handy. 

FEMA also suggests staying in or near your vehicle where rescuers are most likely to find you.

If you're stranded for a decent amount of time, FEMA suggests running the heat 10 minutes out of every hour to help you keep warm and help keep your car in working order. 

Lastly, make sure snow is kept away from the exhaust pipe. If it builds up and blocks the pipe, carbon monoxide could get inside your car and poison you. 

It's best to stay off of the roads when they're in bad condition, but if you can't, let someone know your route and when you are expected to arrive.