As a way to capture your attention driving down roadways in the Valley, Sheriffs are taking a proactive approach to taking drugs off the street.

Flashing billboards have been put in place that read, "Attention drug dealers: Report your competition."

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene who is now overseeing the grant for the Drug Task Force says it's a pro-active way of trying to take dangerous and potentially deadly drugs like heroin and other opioids off the street.

"We just think it's just a great way of getting the word out there, being a little bit pro-active that if you have any information and ironically even if you are a drug dealer, report your competition to us. We're hoping that something like this, if we can get just one or two good cases out of this, will be worth it," said Sheriff Greene.

As for whether drug dealers will actually call and turn in their competition, the sheriff doesn't know.

Officials say the advertisements are paid for with drug seizure money.

Greene encourages anyone with information on drug activity to call the department.