A local family is making a public plea in hopes that the man who slammed into the back of their SUV, and then took off, on 711 in Youngstown will either come forward or someone who saw the scene will be able to help. 

It was about 4:30 pm on Wednesday, the Canacci Family and three of their children were traveling on 711 in Youngstown. 

They tell 21 News that two cars were on the shoulder, so they tried to slow down and go around.

"I was getting ready to get over and just got slammed into from behind," said Anthony Canacci.

"The babies were crying, I knew they were okay. I looked over, he was okay, he was moving," said Sara Canacci looking down at her soon-to be one year-old son. "My two year-old was okay, he was kind of like 'what happened?'"

The couple then got out to check on and talk with the man who hit them.

"He came out, asked me, 'Oh there's a kid in the car?' I said 'No, there's three kids in the car.' He turned around, got back in his truck and took off," said Anthony.

"He was a tall African American man, wearing a North Face jacket, blue jeans. He had very short hair, and very short facial hair, but like full (a full face of) facial hair," explained Sara. "I just couldn't believe he drove off. There were babies in the car. I mean how does he know he didn't kill one of them?"

All five people in the family SUV were taken by ambulance to the hospital. They all checked out okay, but Sara said she was kept overnight for monitoring.

"Because I wasn't wearing my seat belt the EMT asked, 'How did I not go through the windshield?' I said, I don't know. A guardian angel, maybe my mom? My mom watching over me is the only reason I did not go through that windshield."

The three children were all buckled in safely. 

The family believes their SUV will be considered by their insurance company as totaled.

The family was not able to get a license plate of the truck that hit them because, they said, it was covered by what looked like a salt spreader.

The truck is described as a white Ford F-250 or F-350, with an extended cab and likely has front end damage.

The family said witnesses that were on the shoulder of the highway told them they were able to get a picture of the truck, but in the midst of the chaos, they did not exchange information. They are hoping the witnesses will reach out to share that picture.

The vehicle pictured is not the actual vehicle involved in the accident.

A report was filed with the Youngstown Police Department.