Birds in Flight Sanctuary is working to rehab an endangered trumpeter swan found laying in the middle of an intersection on Monday. 

Youngstown police called the sanctuary, saying they found the bird laying on Salt Springs Road and Interstate 680. 

It had a small hole in its head, which an x-ray confirmed was a gunshot wound. The swan also had a large amount of lead lining its stomach. 

On Tuesday, Birds in Flight Sanctuary posted that the swan was eating and seemed to be in good health. 

The sanctuary said the swan was most likely shot by an inexperienced hunter. 

Snow geese are legal to hunt in this area and look similar to a trumpeter swan. 

Birds in Flight Sanctuary said they are working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to get taxidermied versions of a Canada goose, a snow goose and a trumpeter swan so that hunters can see the differences between them and avoid shooting the endangered swan in the future.