The Kent State University Board of Trustees approved a 10-year plan to transform the campus. 

Officials say the $1 billion journey will revitalize and reshape Kent State campus to better serve the students. 

The plan is meant to enhance the welcoming feel of the campus. 

University officials say the plan would be implemented in 3 phases over the next decade.

 "These enhancements will meet the needs of students for decades by providing them with the engaging, educational space they need to help shape the world. Each phase holds thoughtful enhancements focused on our student's first commitment that will also raise the prominence of the university, the city of Kent and all who call this region their home," said Larry Pollock, chair of the Kent State Board of Trustees.

In addition to building improvements and classrooms, studios and labs, the plan includes a walkable campus core with new sidewalks and bike trails.

The plan proposes the extension of the front campus, including a signature Main Street gateway to the university.

Teaching and learning enhancements include an addition to the Aeronautics and Technology building, a new Kent State University Airport classroom building, research lab expansion at the Integrated Sciences Building and dynamic renovations to the Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center, and Kent Student Center.

The strategies were developed with input from a series of highly engaged town hall and community meetings.

University officials say several informational sessions have been held to seek input from students, faculty, and staff.

The 10-year plan is scheduled to enhance every college on the Kent Campus, in some way.

The Board approved rates for a Tuition Guarantee plan that will provide incoming students certainty in budgeting for college costs. The plan freezes undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board rates for a four-year period for each group of students that begin at any of the Kent State campuses.

Ohio freshmen enrolling for the 2018 Fall Semester will see their tuition frozen for 4 years at $5,306 per semester for 12-18 credit hours.

The cost of a standard two-person room and basic meal plan also will be locked in at $5,681 per semester.

The Board also approved board rates for the 2018-19 academic year.

University Dining Services will offer new board plan options as well.