On Wednesday several students across the nation and here in the valley will be walking out of class on the one month anniversary of the that deadly school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Florida. 

Schools districts from all over the valley are planning ahead for a proposed student walk out next week.
Some, like Youngstown and East Liverpool are allowing it but more and more are not.
Howland schools, among others, are citing safety concerns.

"If we know there are individuals who believe and are aware this is going on there could be someone hiding out outside the building waiting for students to exit the building so we want to keep the protocols in place we normally have which is the doors are closed and students are in their classrooms," said Howland Superintendent, Kevin Spicher.

A lot of school administrators want their students to have their voice and their first amendment rights but they want to make sure they are safe in doing it. That's why they are having them stay inside and assemble.

Howland and Girard are all having assemblies inside the school where students can talk about gun violence or safety issues.

"It's an initiative where students will be pledging 17 ways in honor of those victims from Parkland, Florida, 17 ways that each individual at Girard H.S. is able to make a difference in our own school community. That is something that excites our students and our staff," according to Girard Principal, William Ryser.

In Austintown students can go outside but campus assess will be closed to the public.

Assistant Superintendent, Jeremy Batchelor, said, "We will practice our drill, get everybody together because at that time you won't be able to get on our campus. We are going to secure things and give our students that time to be able to be together to work with our team and the Austintown police department."

Youngstown schools say they will have increased security at all of their high school buildings that day.