A Trumbull County judge ordered Thursday that the murder case against the woman accused of killing her husband and fleeing to Brazil nearly 11 years ago will not be dismissed.

Late last month, attorneys for 56-year-old Claudia Hoerig requested that the case against her be dismissed- citing a violation of her right to a speedy trial. 

Hoerig, who is accused of shooting and killing her husband, Major Karl Hoerig in their Newton Falls home in March of 2007, claimed her rights to a "speedy trial" were violated since it has been 11 years since the murder. 

The defense motion noted that since Hoerig's arrest in Brazil, she has been in custody for 645 days and hasn't been brought to trial within the legal time limits.

Following the murder of Maj. Hoerig, Claudia is accused of fleeing to Brazil where she fought the extradition process for several years, before finally being returned to the United States. 

However, in a response from the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office, transcripts were released which allegedly detailed an interview between Hoerig and a Sheriff's Office Detective. In that transcript, Hoerig allegedly admitted that she understood that the charges were not formally entered until her first arraignment, which was not held until January 18th, 2018. 

Those interview transcriptions also detail an alleged confession, in which Hoerig reportedly said that she shot Major Karl Hoerig because he found her while she was attempting to commit suicide. During the confession, Hoerig says that her husband told her to go downstairs to shoot herself so that she didn't "splatter" his paintings. 

During a hearing on the issue last week, Hoerig signed a  speedy trial waiver extending the trial period by 210 days after attorneys argued that they may not be prepared by the April trial date. 

In a ruling from Judge Logan, the court has ordered that all rules of a speedy trial have been maintained, and ordered that the case will not be dismissed. 

The next hearing in the case is set for May 3rd.

Hoerig is scheduled to go before a jury in September 2018.