The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation broke ground on their biggest project to date in a continuing effort to clean up and revitalize the Glenwood Corridor. 

YNDC is a citywide planning and development organization working to stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the city. 

The group broke ground on one of the largest, oldest, and longest vacant properties they've ever worked on Thursday morning. 

An apartment building on the corner of Clearmont Drive and Glenwood Avenue is the newest project for renovation. 

The historic four-story building was originally built in 1928 and has been vacant for nearly 20 years. 

However, YNDC hopes to change that. 

With funding from Home Savings and cooperation from the city of Youngstown and the Mahoning County Land Bank, they hope to completely renovate and update the building into four new apartments ready for residents by October. 

Ian Beniston, the Executive Director for YNDC, said the group has never done a project of this magnitude. According to Beniston, they typically work on single family homes and have done a few smaller apartments. 

Beniston said the building needs a lot of work before it is ready to house new families. He expects that volunteers and staff will replace the roof, mechanics, doors, windows, as well as improve sidewalks, driveways, parking, and general upgrades to the property. 

However, a main priority for YNDC is to maintain the historic character and charm of the apartment building. 

Beniston said it's not only the largest project so far for YNDC, it's also an important part in the larger process of renovating the entire Glenwood corridor. 

YNDC has been working over the past years to renovate homes, host community cleanups, and revitalize one of the main thoroughfares through the south side of the city.

In addition, the group says they're excited about plans to turn a large vacant building, the former Bottom Dollar location, into a health and wellness center in the community.  

Beniston said they're expecting the cost of upgrades and renovations to the apartment building to cost about $250,000. 

YNDC frequently renovate vacant properties and provides them to the community for rent or purchase. 

To learn more about YNDC, or to get involved in the project, visit the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation's website.