The officer at the center of an investigation into police force has been terminated from his position with the department. 

According to a release, the New Castle City Police Department conducted an investigation into an incident in which Officer Ronald Williams was accused of using unnecessary force while responding to a domestic disturbance. 

An investigation found that Officer Williams' actions were not "within department policies and procedures." 

Late last month, the New Castle Police Department issued a release letting people know they were aware of a video on social media depicting the use of force by New Castle Police Officer Ronald Williams.

Just 24 hours later the video had been viewed more than 3 million times and was shared on Facebook over 85,000 times. 

According to police, NCPD officers were sent to a residence for a domestic disturbance involving a forty-nine-year-old Perry Lawry, who had allegedly assaulted a juvenile male.

According to a criminal complaint, Officer Williams walked into the home to find Lawry and another officer wrestling on the floor. 

Ofcr. Williams' account in the criminal complaint says that the other officer advised that Lawry had attempted to run toward the kitchen and grab a knife

At that point, Officer Williams said he attempted to tase Lawry three times, but it made no impact. 

The criminal complaint alleges that Lawry continued to crawl toward the kitchen, at which point, Officer Williams said: "I did grab the male by the back of his shoulders and gave him three thrusts shoving his chest and head into the floor until he stopped resisting". 

The video which went viral on social media appears to show that altercation between Officer Williams and Lawry. 

The criminal complaint says that EMT was called to check Lawry over for a "laceration to his forehead caused from the floor."

According to police, Lawry was handcuffed and taken to UPMC Jameson Hospital, where he was treated for cuts to the head. The male was then released and taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

Lawry is facing charges of simple assault, resisting arrest, and harassment. Lawry was scheduled to go to trial in May on unrelated charges of public drunkenness and harassment. 

The New Castle City Police Department says they have forwarded the case against Williams to the district attorney for review.