Chances are, you've seen a drawstring bag. A lot of companies make them. One local company though is making them out of old military parachutes.

The company is called Chute and it was started by three entrepreneur majors at Grove City College. Stephen Weaver, Levi Roberts, and Boyce Cubarney aren't just in it for profits though - they're also helping veterans.

"Chute started as many companies do, in a dorm room at two in the morning," said Cubarney.

"Boyce turned and said hey man, what if we turned military parachutes into hammocks and supported the vets with it," said Roberts. "I said that's a brilliant idea."

Cubarney, Roberts, and Weaver decided to sew that idea into a startup called Chute, which uses recycled military parachutes and turns them into outdoor products. 

"We worked on a lot of hypothetical businesses but this was the first time we felt this is something we need to actually jump on," said Roberts.

With the help of two freelance seamstresses, and parachutes bought online or at surplus stores, their first product is a drawstring bag.

"They're very durable, very lightweight, you can fit a lot of different stuff in them," said Weaver.

To support veterans, 100% of the bags profits are going to the Veterans Memorial Center in Brevard County, Florida. 

"My uncle was a 101st Airborne Army Ranger, he was killed in action actually in Afghanistan in 2010 so it's a huge motivation, it's a way for me to give respect back to him and then not only that but we see sort of a lack of awareness in kids our age and not to bash my own generation but you don't really think of veterans on a day-to-day scale, so we want to bring that awareness back to kids our age.

While Chute is still in the early stages after being developed in the school's venture lab program, the trio says it's been extremely rewarding to see how far they've come along in a short amount of time.

"Just proving to myself that I can do this," said Cubarney.

"This is really showing us that we've got some potential," said Weaver.

"It's been an absolutely incredible, nearly surreal experience to be involved in a real business and to see such real-world benefit," said Roberts.

Within the next year or two, the guys would like to add a couple more products and say they will continue to support different veterans organizations across the country.