Could re-working streets and Warren's transportation system make living in the city safer? 

City leaders and the Trumbull County Combined Health District are studying what "complete streets" can do for the community. 

The Trumbull County Combined Health District believes adding bicycle lanes on Warren streets can make them safer and attract more people to the downtown.

They want to look at adding complete streets to the city.

"A complete street is a street that is accessible and safe for all modes of transportation. Meaning, a pedestrian can feel safe walking on a street, a bicyclist feels safe to bicycle, and a driver feels safe knowing they are out there and it's accessible in all modes," said Jenna Amerine, Health Educator with the Trumbull County Combined Health District.

Studies also show changes to intersections can make them safer and more visually pleasing.

David Shipps with Toole Design Group of Columbus said, "Shortening the crossing distances at intersections which further protects the parking and creates the shorter crossing window for pedestrians."

One of the streets they'd like to target in Warren is Elm Road mainly because it intersects with the bike trail. That way people can take the bike trail to Elm Road right into downtown. 

"Now that we are revitalizing economically how to better flow the traffic and make it safe for the bikes to come off the bike trail," said Denise Rising of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.

"The statistics will show cyclists bring a lot of money into downtown and into business districts if there are facilities directing them into those locations."

Organizers hope funding for the project could come from grants and from city involvement with ODOT. They don't think a lot of construction would be needed to make complete streets, just some repainting, and lining.