ODOT and The Ohio State Highway Patrol say most accidents on our highways are preventable.

"We had nearly 5000 crashes on Ohio highways last year. 119 injuries and 19 fatalities. All of those were caused for the most part because of excessive speed, assured cleared distance and distraction and impairment," said ODOT director, Jerry Wray.

 But one of the most preventable types of accidents are ones that involve police, fire or ODOT workers walking or parked on the right side of the road.

That's why there's the "Slow down or move over law."

The law requires motorists to cautiously shift over one lane when driving by any vehicle that is pulled over on the side of the road, whether it's a police car, tow truck or road worker.

"Tow truck drivers and ODOT workers are the two we experience the most. To me it's the common sense law. It's just common sense to pull over. If you see someone changing a tire, move over to the left," said Kenny Robinson, OSP Mahoning County post.

One ODOT worker told 21 News about a close call he had one day on the job up in Ashtabula county.

"I turned around and saw the car heading right for the back of the truck. I had enough time to jump off into the ditch and the car swerved at the last second and clipped the mirror off the car. that gentleman didn't stop, he didn't slow down," said Andy Jackson, Highway Technician.

ODOT also says if you can't move over to the left lane because cars won't let you in, you should try your best to slow down and proceed with caution.