A major grand opening at Dunkin Donuts took place on Boardman Poland Road on Saturday.

It was an especially big day for one employee, who was recognized for 25 years of awesome service. 

At the newly renovated Dunkin Donuts on Boardman Poland Road there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee, beverage, and food, although the decor has changed,  the faces of friendly employees have not.

Today at the grand opening of the Poland Dunkin Donuts, employee Paul Tropea was recognized.

Paul Tropea told 21 News,"My heart, I am happy here."

Other Dunkin' Donuts employees say that Paul has always brought a smile and great work ethic to the job he has loved for 25 years. 

Dunkin Donuts says it is always looking for dedicated, loyal, hard-working employees and appreciates Paul.

Caleb Watters, Director of Operations, told 21 News, "Paul has been a great asset and we are always looking for good people and when you find someone good like Paul, no matter what opportunities there are, we definitely want them to come work for us at Dunkin' Donuts."

As part of the celebration, there was a special cake, with donuts of course, for Paul, his family, and Easter Seals family. 

The Eater Seals agency works with people who have special needs and helps them find meaningful employment. They helped find Paul his job in 1991. 

Watters continued, "I would say you will never be disappointed with hiring someone with a disability. They will bring a joy, they will bring sunshine to what they are doing. A job coach will come along and kind of learn and teach them how to do the job. Certainly the value of a loyal individual, a lifetime employee like Paul, I encourage every employer to take a look at."

To cap off grand opening week Dunkin Donuts Boardman Poland location is offering daily specials and a chance to win free coffee for a year.

Paul Tropea, who helps clean areas for guests, said the surprise with his mom and family present, was heartwarming and he intends to continue working for many years to come.