Ever dream of owning your own bar?  

The Old Side Door lounge on South Broadway Avenue in Salem will be auctioned off Thursday at noon.

From the glasses to the taps, to the shotgun shell Christmas lights.  Everything will be auctioned off all at once to the highest bidder.
Owner Tonia Gerber says at age 74, and nearly 40 years in business, it's time to retire.  She says owning a bar is a lot of work especially after she lost her husband five years ago.  
They bought the bar along with his brother back in 1979.  

"I would like to enjoy my great grandkids a bit, visit them, play with them," said Gerber.

She has 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  

Tonia says the bar's in great shape and ready to be just taken over. She's spent over $50,000 for a new furnace, AC and other upgrades to the kitchen since 2015.  

If you get the bar you might be getting something a little extra. A lot of the people who work there say they often see a ghostly figure pass through areas of the bar.

"We call it a ghost, it's been here many many years. Many, many people have seen it. It's just like a black cloud that moves by. Customers have seen it and so has the help," added Gerber.

Fortunately she says it never bothers anyone.  If an actual person bothered anyone they would be gone.

"I physically never had to kick anybody out of here but I've told some big guys I was going to call their mother. (Did you?) Yes! (she laughs.)"

People say they hope someone buys the bar and keeps it the same.

"We've had a lot of good times with the bike nights, Just good memories here," said Dwain Kale.