As Pizza Joe's says, "Eating Wedgies is Better Than Getting Wedgies." That's why the pizza place is bringing its Big Joe Wedgie eating challenge to downtown Youngstown in support of a good cause.

The event will take place on July 26 at the Pizza Joe's location in the food court at 20 Federal Place.

The challenge will be at 1 p.m. and part of the event includes a give back event for OH WOW! starting at 12 p.m.

Pizza Joe's says a portion of the challenge proceeds and proceeds from the Give Back hour will support the museum and its educational programs.

"We are excited to bring the Big Joe Wedgie Challenge to downtown and use it as a fun way to support our neighbors across the street at OH WOW!," said Aleen LaRocca, owner Pizza Joe's downtown.
The challenge features a choice of three different wedgies.

Participants can choose from Pizza Joe's Hot Gondoloa, Chicken or Steak Big Joe Wedgie, which all weigh about four pounds. 

Foodies who want to take on one of the wedgies will have 20 minutes to complete the challenge.

The company says anyone can participate and the cost is $20 to enter. 

Those who complete the challenge will receive $10 back, a BJWC T-shirt and a pair of Pizza Joe's underwear.

The event also promises giveaways and an appearance from Pizzasaurus.

For more information about the challenge, click here.