Youngstown Police are investigating after a woman told them she was attacked by someone she accused of stealing her meatballs.

The victim told police she was assaulted on Tuesday by a woman who lives in the same house on Indiana Avenue.

The woman said she came home and found the other woman in the kitchen cooking meatballs.

According to the report, the woman “became extremely upset because she knows she is the only one in the house that had meatballs in the refrigerator”.

Police say the alleged owner of the meatballs confronted the other woman about “alleged meat thievery, insisting that they must be her meatballs”.

That's when the victim says the other woman charged her, striking her in the face and pulling her hair.

Police say they didn't see any visible injuries on the victim.

The suspect was gone by the time officers arrived.

The victim said she doesn't know the other woman's last name, but suggested to police that it might be “b*tch”.

Officers told the victim what she needs to do if she wishes to pursue charges.