Canfield Police have found a unique way to show their city how they're helping the community and their plans for the future.

The department released a video online that detailed what they're offering the community, showing the newest faces in the department and the good they want to do for the city.

Chief Chuck Colucci, a main figure in the video, said training is also very important, where they must plan for every situation.

"The Canfield Police Department is not a one-dimensional police department. The average resident of Canfield may not know that we offer vacation house checks, business checks, and a senior watch program," said Chief Colucci. 

"Our mission is to actively develop partnerships with the community to protect life and property, solve community problems, reduce the fear of crime and enhance the quality of life within our city through the provision of prompt, professional, courteous and exceptional public service," according to the post on the department's Facebook page.

You can view the entire video below.