A recent study has found red-light traffic cameras may not be reducing collisions but actually causing more accidents on local roads.

These findings are from a recent study done by Case Western Reserve Univesity.

State Representative John Boccieri, D-Poland, responded Tuesday saying that "public safety should be our top priority when discussing traffic cameras and this report shows that cameras may present more harm than good for Ohio drivers."

The study showed that rather than risking a traffic violation, drivers approaching an intersection with a red-light camera chose to brake hard at a yellow light instead of passing through, increasing the risk for accidents, according to a release from Boccieri.

"More times than not, these cameras have been used as an alternative funding source to make up for the governor's drastic cuts local communities and this study backs that argument," added Boccieri. "These cameras are more about making money than keeping people safe on the road."

The release says accidents have increased by 28 percent in Houston and Dallas when traffic cameras were used. Most of the accidents were rear-ended collisions.