Warren Police have now charged the girlfriend of a man accused of posting a Facebook video showing him skinning a dog.

Vicky Young, 32, of Palmyra Road was arrested Wednesday after officers took her boyfriend 46-year-old Scott Winter into custody on an animal cruelty warrant issued by Canton Municipal Court.

According to NBC Cleveland affiliate WKYC, Winter was charged last month with violating Ohio's law protecting companion animals after authorities found the Facebook video.

Vicky Young, who was at the home when Winter was arrested, was questioned by police about animals that had been seen previously at the home.

She told officers that Winter's son had some rabbits at the home, but took them away earlier.

With Young's permission, police searched the property and found a skull and bones in a fire pit in the yard.

Young told police that the bones were from a steak and chicken, but denied knowing about a skull.

After police showed her the skull, Young speculated that it may be from a raccoon.

She then told police that the skull wasn't that of her dog that had run away.

When police asked her about the skull again, officers say she hung her head and admitted it was her dog's skull.

She explained that the dog was struck and killed by a jeep about a week before, and Winter burned the dog in the fire pit to dispose of the remains.

Young was booked into the Trumbull County Jail on a charge of falsification, awaiting arraignment on Thursday.

Winter was taken to the Stark County Jail.