Previously, there was rarely a strict penalty for illegal dumping within the city of Youngstown. 

Now, however, the city's law enforcement is cracking down on this violation. 

Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian said that now violators can expect "parole with community service," or that  "we are going to be asking judges to send people to jail."

The more strict regulations are accompanied by Mayor Tito Brown's campaign to clean up these illegal dump sites which began with the demolition of the Moose Lodge, a popular dump site on Glenmount Street. 

The mayor said, "We're gonna take a hard line and put it right down the middle and say no more. We won't have this in the city of Youngstown." He continued by saying, "The citizens deserve better. If you live in the city of Youngstown, I will continue fighting to remove sites like this."

As the site is cleaned up it will continue to be monitored heavily with cameras, as will future sites.

The mayor has high hopes for the changes this will bring to the neighborhoods. 

He said, "Our goal is to turn these spaces into clean and green spaces, landscaping or something, where we have a beautification where we once had a sight that was unsightly. Now, we'll have a beautiful location."