Warren Police are issuing a warning about Facebook live videos that they say falsely accuse individuals in two recent homicides.

"Our main concern is the safety of our community. Saying false statements about suspects who are not suspects can very well get somebody murdered," said Nick Carney, a detective with Warren Police.

Police say the man is naming people as suspects who are not suspects in the recent murders of Brittany May and Jerry Hughley.

The social media live videos were produced by Lewis Chamberlain out of Chicago. He posts videos and updates about ongoing or unsolved murder cases across the country.

Lewis Chamberlain tells 21 News he posted the videos to Facebook initially after a family member of May reached out to him and a video was provided to him.

"What we're here for is to bring light and shed light on violence and hope that somebody will stand up against it," Chamberlain said.

Warren Police say they've reached out to other law enforcement agencies regarding the content in the Facebook videos that now have many in the Warren community concerned. 

Chamberlain admits he doesn't have any ties to Warren but says he will help anyone who reaches out to him.

"You have the right to protest, you have the right to freedom of speech and that's exactly what protesting is," he said.

Over the weekend, Pastor Todd Johnson of Second Baptist Church says the accusations only push people over the edge with worries they or their loved ones could be targeted as a result of the videos.

Johnson said now is the time for the community to be unified, not divided.

"We have individuals in our community who are simply worried that family and friends, those we know and love in our community, could become victims or their lives could be severely injured by insinuations and accusations," Johnson said.

Carney stresses that anyone with information or tips in the homicide investigations of May and Hughley contact Warren Police at 330-841-2660

Police say they don't understand the motive behind the videos and are looking into whether Chamberlain could face any charges.

Carney says he started reaching out to Facebook about the videos when he learned of the situation late last week. He has yet to hear back from the social media platform.