A man and woman from Youngstown were locked up in the county jail after police say they were found having sex in a vacant home.

Timothy Redman, 34, and Shannon Counts, 46, were each charged with breaking and entering after a Youngstown Police Officer says he discovered the two inside a home on LaBelle Avenue, less than a block from the corner of Southern and Midlothian Boulevards.

According to the report, the officer went to the home to investigate reports of people “squatting” at the home.

The front door was open, and when one officer called out, he heard a woman's voice.

That's when police say they found the two having intercourse on a mattress on the living room floor.

Police say the two obeyed orders to get dressed and were then placed in handcuffs.

Although the home was littered with beer cans, garbage, and other debris, police say it appeared that someone had been living there for months.