A pet food brand endorsed by celebrity chef Rachel Ray is under the microscope.

Nutrish Brand pet food supposedly contains all natural ingredients, however, a new lawsuit claims it also contains a potentially dangerous chemical used in the weed killer Roundup.

A local vet tells WFMJ Weekend Today this chemical is more common than you might think.

Dr. Tom Reeping of Crago Veterinary Clinic told 21 News, "I believe the product that they're talking about with this 'Nutrish' is called glyco-phosphate, and unfortunately it's found in just about everything. So, it's not just that company, and they're still standing behind the products. There hasn't been an official recall, but when you're trying to look at what's best for your pet, it's not one size fits all."

Dr. Reeping also says while more people are eating gluten and grain free diets, that might not be the healthiest options for your pets.