Every other week, dirt flies through the air in Rogers and the decibel level increases significantly. For drag racers at Bull Run Raceway, it's a chance for the adults to play in the dirt.

"You can dig a hole about a foot deep on the starting line when you leave probably 60 feet out," said John Stevens from Poland.

"Heck, we got cars like this car over here, it'll throw 200 feet over that backstop," said John Derenburger from Rogers.

It's a drag strip on dirt and sand. Bull Run Raceway, built four years ago in Rogers, takes the adrenaline of drag racing and adds an extra degree of difficulty.

"Sand is very, very hard to go fast on sand, and it's hard to be more consistent because the track is more inconsistent," said Chad Parker, the 2017 track champion from Enon Valley.

"It's a whole different ballgame here," said Derenburger. "Asphalt they get out and hook really hard and get out and they're running a quarter mile. We're running 300 feet here."

The intensity's the same no matter what's beneath the tires.

"I guess it'd be like shaking up a bottle of beer and popping the top on it. Uncork it and let it go," said Randy Thornton, who travels from Bridgeport, West Virginia to race at Bull Run Raceway.

"You hold that trans brake, that light comes down, you let off, it puts you back in the seat, man," said Derenburger.

"I'm like a machine. I'm like a robot. I'm set on kill. I just try to focus on that light, hammer that tree every pass," said Parker.

One of the first things you notice, these aren't exactly the tires on your car at home. You need that extra bite just to get going.

"These have big scoops on them so they really dig in, give you a lot of bite out of the hole," said Derenburger.

That doesn't mean you necessarily need crazy big tires or even a hot rod to roll down the track. Part of the draw of this sport is that just about anyone can give it a try.

"It doesn't matter what it is. You got wheels and tires, bring it down. You'll run it down here," said Parker.

If you want to check it out yourself, there's a big event coming up September 8th and 9th that will pull in racers from all over the country. 

You can learn more about the track, or check out the schedule at bullrunraceway.com.