Tempers were flaring at Monday's Liberty Township Trustee's meeting.

Family members and friends of a woman murdered in August of 2017 confronted Liberty Township's Interim Police Chief Toby Meloro, and the two trustees who voted to promote him.

An internal affairs investigation by his own department determined he failed to properly investigate the death of Lorraine Lynn who was found face down in a backyard pond on top of a lawnmower.

As soon as the meeting started and opened for public comments there was a heated exchange.

Samantha Lynn, the daughter of the murder victim looked right at Interim Chief Meloro and said, "This man entertained phone calls with me for four months and refused to give me the police report because he told me that the case was open.  I didn't find out until November 5th, when my private investigator had the police report in his hand and looked at it and said the case was closed the same day."

The sister of murder victim Lorainne Lynn drove up from Florida demanding to be heard by trustees who she says rewarded Captain Toby Meloro for improperly handling her sister's murder investigation instead of punishing him.  

Diane Pullin says her family fears they may never see justice in this case, even though they believe they know who the killer is, "It's such an insult to my family, such a slap in the face to see him (Chief Meloro) promoted for doing this."

Even those who don't have a dog in the fight questioned the two trustees that voted Meloro in as interim chief under a cloud of controversy.

Liberty resident Timothy Curtin said, "Where is your common sense?  How could you put a police chief in charge that has this cloud hanging over him?  You're supposed to be running a township and you act in this manner?  I'm dumbfounded."

Chairman of the Liberty Township Board of Trustees, Arnie Clebon, defended the board's actions saying, "Right now Toby Meloro's the chief. He's going to stay the chief until we find out different or until we find out he's not able to do the job.  Right now he's doing a tremendous job."

Then-Interim Chief Meloro spoke up for himself telling murder victim Lorraine Lynn's family, "I feel badly you guys feel the way you do.  But I never, I want to make it clear I never close that case.  I never closed that case.  You don't have the right facts and the facts will come out."

Diane Pullin, the murder victim's sister tells 21 News she would like to see several people at the Liberty Police Department investigated criminally.

And even though she says she never heard back from retired Chief Police Rich Tisone or Meloro about viewing the surveillance tape with suspicious activity on it, 21 News did receive a copy of an email Tisone sent to Meloro dated August 10th at 7:30 a.m. telling him to contact Pullin about viewing the surveillance tape just days after Lorraine Lynn's body was found.