Boardman High School staff members came together to learn a practice that could help save someone's life. 

The school said Mercy Health Trauma Coordinator Amanda Lencyk trained the staff on the importance of the "Stop the Bleed" program.

According to a release, Homeland Security created the program to inform people on how to prevent death due to uncontrolled bleeding.

The program emphasizes the fact that a person can bleed to death in as little as three to five minutes and how bystanders can take simple steps to keep an injured person alive until help arrives.

"A simple household accident could injure a person's artery and create an emergency situation where this training could make a life and death difference," said Lencyk. "If our area ever experienced a mass casualty incident, the more people who are confident to step in and help, the better."

The school said that the program included hands-on practice with tools used to stop bleeding.

They say they are now making plans to extend "Stop the Bleed" training to students in health classes at the high school.