A car smashed into a home in Warren right underneath where a child was sleeping.

Authorities arrested the suspect who was allegedly going 80 miles per hour.

Now one of the victim's tells 21 News he's not sure he wants to live in the area anymore.

Gabriel Opat was inside his home on Ohio Avenue NW, along with his two young daughters, when he received a rude awakening at about 2:30 am Tuesday morning.

"I heard some screechin' and then somebody had hit the guardrail, and by the time that I got up and started coming towards the window the guys front of the car was in my basement," Opat said. 

The driver of the red Chrysler 300 appeared to have been thrown from the driver's seat over to the passenger seat, and then he got out of the car according to witnesses.  He was bleeding from the head but was talking and even allegedly told people in the area how fast he was driving.

Opat was just rattled because it was such a close call for his eight-year-old daughter. "My daughter was sleeping right on the other side of that air conditioner on a couch in the living room.  Never even woke her up."

Fortunately, Opat's daughter was not hurt.  

But the driver of the car was bleeding from the head and was sent to St. Elizabeth by ambulance.  

Police have now charged the driver, 24-year-old Dustin Campana, with reckless operation, failure to control and driving with a suspended license.

 Authorities say Campana crashed through the guardrail on Ohio Avenue NW, first taking out Robert Wilmoth's porch and then partially landing in Opat's basement.

Wilmoth, who has lived in his home for 28 years, said the guardrail has had to be replaced at least once a year because of the number of accidents.

"It's at least once a year. Usually, they don't go clear through it. That's the first time anybody ever went through it," Wilmoth said.

As for Opat, he said he will stay put in his rented home for now but says this is the second time this year someone has hit the guardrail, despite the flashing lights and other warnings.

"I'm afraid the next time they're going to be all the way in my house," he said.