A man and woman from Austintown are charged with obstructing justice after township police surrounded a home early Monday.

Austintown police say they spotted a Chevy Malibu with the engine running in the middle of First Street at around 4 am.

According to the police report, when officers tried to pull the car over, it turned into a driveway on First Street at a high rate of speed.

The driver bolted out of the car an into a house, according to police.

After seeing two handguns and knives on the seat of the car, the officer waited for until backup arrived to surround the house.

Police say when they ordered two people to get off the porch of the home, a woman, whose entire face was tattooed to look like a Mexican "sugar skull", later identified as 27-year-old Alyssa Zebrasky told officers “I am not moving. You're going to have to get me.”  

After a few minutes, police say Zebrasky began to approach an officer claiming that she had a knife, asking him what he was going to do about it.

Police say Zebrasky began to kick and pull away as they handcuffed her.

Once inside the home, officers found 23-year-old Logan Daugherty who told them that he bailed out of the car because he had to go to the bathroom.

It turned out that the guns on the car seat were BB guns. In addition to the three knives in the car, police also found a pellet gun in the trunk.

Daugherty was cited for reckless operation, failure to comply with police and obstructing official business.

Zebrasky was cited for obstructing justice.

Police confirm the tattoos are real. The sugar skull is used to commemorate the deceased as part of the celebration of the "Dia de los Muertos," or "Day of the Dead."